Sakis Rouvas

My initial collaboration with Mr. Antonis Skokos came in 2004, when we worked together in the live concerts of FEVER Music Hall. Antonis is a composer, arranger and conductor of extraordinary ability, an incredible musician with unique sound meddling and music perception. Having been so amazed by Antonis’ work, our collaboration has further continued during the following years, in a number of live concerts and albums of mine where he has been one of the leading composers and arrangers.
Today, our collaboration with Antonis continues once again in Estate Athens Club since this November and until March 2018, where he is currently working as my music director. The live performances taking place cannot be characterized by any less than huge success, already loved by our audiences.
Having myself worked in the USA and followed an international career, I am certain that Antonis is a well-established musician, ready to become member of the American music scene. I expect that the American audiences will be amazed by the music works of Antonis who I believe will have much to offer in the American music and film industry.