Kaiti Garbi

During my career I have participated in 15 albums (1987-2015) of other well-known and well-respected Greek singers, I have realized more than 28 duets with many fellow-singer collaborators, while finally I have collaborated with a great number (more than 60) of most famous composers and lyricists of the Greek music industry, including Mr Antonis Skokos, resulting in the creation of a great personal discography and list of live performances – namely 21 albums (1989-2013), 6 singles (2000-2012) and 36 solo, duet or group live performances (1987 up to date).
My collaboration with Antonis dates back from 2005, when we worked together for an album of mine with Sony Records, where Antonis was one of the album’s main composers and arranger. I was greatly impressed by his professionalism, music perception and musicality, since he is very gifted in meddling the European and Greek culture in his music compositions.
Personally, I love and most respect Antonis’ work therefore I am more than glad to endorse him for his American Visa application. I strongly believe he will be a valuable asset for the American music industry and I would like to see him thrive in great collaborations with well-respected American singers and composers.